House & Garden Root Stimulator 5ltr

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House & Garden Root Stimulator is a powerful root stimulator which encourages rapid root development in the early stages of your plant’s growth. It takes care of nutrient transport within the plant and speeds up the cell-splitting process. It contributes to an extensive system of healthy root stems and hair roots.

This Root Stimulator protects plants roots against the harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses. Root Stimulator also contributes to an improved root environment in the soil. This encourages enzymes, good bacteria and fungi to do their job, leading to faster and easier absorption of the nutrients through the plant’s roots.

House & Garden Root Stimulator can be used with all kinds of substrates. To build a strong root foundation, Root Stimulator should be used within the first five weeks. Use it as an addition to your normal feeding routine at a rate of 1ml/Litre.

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