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Drip Irrigation has long been a preferred method for amateur and professional growers alike. Floraflex have taken the method up a notch with their clever feature packed modular range of components to allow the grower to create a bespoke system tailored to their needs.

For more Insight from Progrow into the Floraflex range and examples of its wide range of uses why not read our Blog?

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Born in California, Floraflex have taken the whole US grow scene by storm with their innovative range of drip irrigation products.  All made using BPA and lead free plastics and finished in their signature green colour, they certainly look the part.

All of the Floraflex products are centred around Hydroponic Drip Irrigation and have been well thought through and extremely well made with more uses and possible configurations than would be possible to list! They carry some great little touches that make some of the common little annoyances of alternative products a thing of the past.  For example, their distribution manifold known at the “multi-flow bubbler” has rotating outlets for each of the 8 lines making it possible to “aim” that line at the plant/plants it is feeding rather than bending line all over the place. It also comes with a set of flow restrictions that can control a precise drip rate even under pressure from the supply pump. These can even be changed while the system is “live” due to a clever valve that closes when the cap is unscrewed – this also allows for tool free flow changes and filter cleans without any system disassembly or down time

The whole range is designed to work together seamlessly and to be easily serviced, broken down or cleaned.

Once set up, a good “dripper system” will provide the hydroponic growers plants with regular and easy access to nutrients and oxygen, in turn will maximise crop yield and quality.

Whether you are using hydroponic mediums such as coco coir, rockwool or clay pebbles, Progrow can help you choose the right Floraflex kit for your needs.