Advance Nutrients founder acknowledged that most nutrients on the market weren’t engineered for the plant that people were growing, so he invested in research and development into the current nutrient line to make sure it was compatible with your plant. Advance Nutrients have always listened and improved their nutrients based their customers reviews.

All of their products have different properties to suit your plant needs at different stages of the plant’s growth & flowering phase. From more flowers, bigger flowers, more potent flowers, bigger buds, improves root zone, produces essential oils, faster growth or enhances root mass. Advance Nutrients have a nutrient for every aspect of your plant’s needs. Engineered to get the biggest yield out of your crop

Connoisseur Grow A&B 5ltr pH Perfect & Connoisseur Bloom A&B 4ltr pH Perfect are a base nutrient designed for an experienced grower who wants to get the best results out of their plants. Tarantula 5ltr and Voodoo Juice 5ltr are root mass expanders which have an enormous impact on your bud size. Big Bud Liquid are designed to produce bigger buds and be used in mid-flowering phase. Overdrive is designed to be used in the final ripening phase. Bud Candy 5ltr is designed for maximise taste, intensify flavour and increase the aroma of your plant. Nirvana 5ltr strengthens your plants structure, so it grows with more glistening, sticky, resin glaze buds with intense power. Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra 5ltr is a bud aid which makes sure your plants are stay healthy throughout their growth and flower phase.