Hydroponic reflective sheeting is predominantly made from the resin Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), it is commonly generically referred to as Mylar, although this in reality is a brand trade name registered by Dupont Tejjin Films, the correct true generic term for this material is either ‘polyester filmʼ or simply ‘plastic sheetʼ. These ‘plastic sheetsʼ are typically manufactured in a wide range of styles and finishes as well as thickness, rated in microns 1 micron = 0.0254 mm. Reflective sheeting for use in Hydroponic grow rooms will have a highly reflective mirror finish, usually over 90% reflective. Progrow sell flame retardant, 100% light proof Silver white light-tite sheeting that is 1.25m wide and 124 microns thick, making it incredibly tough and durable. Diamond Reflecta-grow sheeting is a relatively new innovation to the market and has become an incredibly popular product, the raised Diamond pattern on the surface of the sheeting better refracts light preventing hot spots and creating a more even distribution of light than that of flat surfaced polyester film Mylar type sheeting. Orca sheeting takes diffusion to a whole different level, refracting light with crystalline fibres that share the same geometry as snowflakes, its microfiber structure returning the most consistent, efficient amount of photosynthetic light back to your crop. In tests Orca has proved to be 94% reflective and can improve the light efficiency in your grow room between 30 – 75% as tested by Orb Optronik testing lab in Kirkland, Washington. Orca is mould and mildew resistant and also easily cleaning with soap and water, it is also incredibly tough and durable making it one of the best products for lining and indoor grow room or grow tent. There is no colour shift from the refracted light from Orca sheeting so you can be sure the full spectrum of your lamps in being reflected back to your plants. Orca sheeting is truly the highest performing reflective sheeting available on the market today. Progrowʼs reflective sheeting section also contains Ligh-tite white plastic sheeting, a quality, durable 115 micronproduct that is typically used in grow rooms to divide growing areas or line walls. Light-tite sheeting is made of essentially three layers, one white, a black layer laminated in the middle with another white layer laminated on top, making it completely light proof. Light-tite sheeting is the widest sheeting that we sell, folded on the roll it opens out to 3 meters wide, and is sold by the meter or as with all our sheeting available at a discounted price by the roll. Black white plastic sheeting is made from the same polyester sheeting but consists of two layers, black and white, this product is not light proof and so is not suitable to divide grow room or create a lightproof space. Floor secure plastic completes our range of polyester sheeting, as its name suggests this plastic sheeting is suitable for lining the floor of your grow room, it is 250 micron thick making it the thickest plastic we sell, folded on the roll it opens out to a 4 meter width, and is available by the meter or in 25 m rolls.