All Aptus products have undergone 10 years of intense biological nutrition research, to make sure they work wonders on your plants. Specially formulated ingredients provide micro life stimulation to your plant so it can grow to its maximum potential.

Aptus started in the nineties, working on the foundation of their product to make sure it would stand out based on its quality and value. Since the nineties Aptus has come a long way and has become a dominant nutrient in the Netherlands, as well as quickly growing in Europe and America. Knowing the effect harsh chemicals can have on plant, Aptus want to help growers move away from synthetic chemicals and help growers use their organic nutrients. Aptus core brands values are:

EducationThrough proper education, Aptus are able to help growers get the most out of their product and how they can achieve bigger yields. Understanding the truth about plants and nutrients helps set a foundation that growers can build upon.

Quality– Making sure that the quality of their ingredients is the highest, help produce healthier and more nutritional fruits/ flowers.

Value– By producing high quality nutrients/ boosters the product is extremely concentrated which means low running cost and minimal waste. Helping you achieve high yields and better quality crop for much cheaper. Progrow sells the Aptus Regulator in 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1ltr.

Liquid Oxygen H202

Liquid Oxygen H202 is a 11.9% solution that adds extra oxygen to your mineral solution which increases the nutrient uptake through the roots resulting in bigger yield. If the Liquid Oxygen is used regularly it will combat diseases like Pythium and root rot. Progrow currently sells the Liquid Oxygen in 3 different sizes, 250ml, 1ltr and 5ltr. Oxyplus is also perfect for cleaning equipment in between crops, all you have to do is add a higher dose. Growth Technology products are very reliable, they have been developing nutrients since 1985 and are a trusted name in the industry.

HESI additive

HESI additive products are designed to increase yield and stimulate plant growth. Their vitamin compounds are tailored toward each phase of a plant’s life cycle. Years of experience have gone into creating HESI products, as well as scientific know-how. All of this has resulted in a product of a high quality. Knowledge is what sets HESI apart from its competitors. Each of the supplements contains all of the necessary ingredients that the plant needs at a given time, this helps the plants development as keeps it at an optimal manner. The supplements remain stable at pH levels, until they are absorbed by the roots.

Mammoth P Additives & Boosters

Developed by three PhD microbiologist to help nutrients uptake, increase yield and prevent pests, which enhance your plants overall health. Mammoth P provides growers with an organic microbial bio stimulant which helps growers with a range of challenges they may face throughout the whole cultivation process. It is designed to maximize plant’s growth and nutrients uptake to support the plants quality. It also prevents pests naturally, which are a huge concern to any grower. The Mammoth team passion for sustainable has led them to innovate a unique process to the world of agriculture.


Superthrive has been a quality product for over 70 years. It’s original vitamin solution was created for transplanting, to help relieve stressed plants and support yield production.

SUPERthrive has been providing a quality product for over 70 years. Their product nourishe plants, which makes plants healthier and creates more nutritionally edibles. The features of this product include unique vitamin solution with kelp, non-toxic ingredients and high economic value. Perfect for restoring plant vigor, promoting chemical balance and reducing transplant shock.

The inventor of SUPERthrive was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from Lawn and Garden Marketing and Distribution Association, in recognition of the impact he had on the industry. The key values of health and gardening have always been a part of the product.  SUPERthrive can be used in a range of different systems, like: drip irrigation, foliar spray, greenhouse, hose end sprayer, hydroseeding, hydroponics, mix and pour, and proportioners irrigation. The dosage varies depending on the system your using to grow your plants. For transplanting the recommended amount of dosage is ¼ tsp per gallon.