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We stock a great range of additives and boosters which are sure to bring certain qualities to the plants that you are looking for. From seedling to plants, we have everything that will help enhance your plant growth.

Throughout your growing project you will no doubt read or hear of certain products that “add” or “boost” certain qualities to the plants that make it better. Whilst most nutrient brands will have their own additives and boosters there are others out there that can enhance your grow even further. Our slection of boosters and additives covers the whole lifespan of the plants from seedling to flower. Beneficial bacteria feature highly in our range in both powder and liquid form. Mammoth P, Great white shark, Mykos and Azos have you covered if you want to utilise that as there is an application to every method of growing. Ecothrive also have a microbial tea which can benefit your rootzone and helps it recover from stress.

Terpine profile enhancers are massively popular right now and we have the Terpenez essential oil intensifier range for those looking to boost their smells and tastes of their product. It comes in three variations standard, berry and citrus which should cover most of the terpine profiles that you wish to enhance.

Flowering boosters that add weight are a much sought-after product. For a lot of gardeners, the weight of a crop is very important. We stock both Bloombastic and Rox which offer immense weight gain throughout your flowering cycle.

It must be pointed out that these products are not miracles in bottles. They are no substitute for an efficient grow room environment.