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It might not always be possible to convert a room in your house into a growing area for your hydroponic plants so a grow tent is the most practical solution. Progrow stock a range of Pro GrowRoom, Secret Jardin & Budbox grow tents.

Not only is it easily assembled without the use of specialised tools, but these pre-built customised grow tents can be disassembled and moved with the minimum of fuss. They allow you to control all the environmental factors; your plants will flourish because you achieve optimum growing conditions. As they are insulated from the unwanted infiltration of outside light and air, they can also ensure cheaper energy bills.

There are a wide range of different grow tents for hydroponics. You can find a size that is suitable for the space you have, ranging from just 60cm by 60cm at the smaller end, to 300cm by 300cm for the larger tents. A choice of heights is also on offer so make sure to measure the available headroom. The great thing about grow tents is that they come flat packed for convenience, meaning you can move them into position before being erected. This is handy if you need to get the item upstairs or through a small doorway. Once it is in place, a grow tent will contain your growing system in a neat and orderly way, and it will also protect your plants from accidental knocks by pets and children. With sewn-in ground covering, spillages of any kind will be easy to clear up and damage to your flooring will be avoided.

When choosing the model of grow tent you need, look at the varying features of each one. There are access openings on the sides or front of the tent, and some models have more than one doorway. These can be closed in different ways with heavy-duty zips or Velcro depending on the product. The number and position of the vents can vary, these are incorporated in the tent to allow you to control the temperature and humidity. Each grow tent has a strong frame enabling you to hang accessories such as lighting from the crossbars. Please read through each product description to fully understand the features of each model.

We have our own brand of grow tents, PRO GrowRoom, manufactured from the highest-quality material and offered at affordable prices. With premium outer shells, a textured reflective lining, powder-coated steel bars and double-stitched entry cut-outs for cabling and ducting, we have thought of everything. These are products that you can rely on for durability and practicality. Alongside our own make of grow tents, we stock well-known brands such as Budbox and Secret Jardin. We pride ourselves on offering the best equipment at all times.

Grow rooms consist of a lightweight, sturdy framework which is custom-made to support all your hydroponic accessories such as lights, fans and filters. Its covering is lined with a reflective material. This means that light is disseminated evenly throughout the whole tent which increases your crop yield.

The fabric covering is waterproof and fire-resistant and comes equipped with well-fitted zips which permit easy access to your plants, but without any light escaping. It is also manufactured with pre-fitted adjustable ports so you can connect the ducting and power cables without any difficulties. The other benefits of this material are that it can keep pests away from your growing plants but keep odours in. We sell a wide variety of differently-sized grow tents which are suitable for both amateurs and professionals. Before choosing a grow tent, there are a number of factors you should take into account. Apart from your budget, you should also consider the available space you have, allowing extra room around the tent for ventilation ducting and easy access for maintenance.

You should also think about what stage your plants will be. Propagation of plants requires the least room, but at the flowering stage, there needs to be sufficient height in the tent for plants to reach their full size. Although experts recommend that plants at different stages of growth should be cultivated separately, it is possible to purchase grow tents which are sectioned off to allow you to cultivate plants at different stages of their life-cycle. Alternatively, you might choose to buy more than one grow room – space permitting.

You should also take into consideration the other accessories that you will be purchasing. For the most effective results and higher yields, your grow room should be compatible with all your other hydroponic accessories such as your lights. These should be both the right size and installed at the correct distance from your plants.