The cuttings are held in a mesh pot with a neoprene collar, the tip of the cutting is ‘mistedʼ in the chamber of the Aeroponic propagator, a clear plastic dome is added to maintain high humidity within the propagator. Propagation is an incredibly important thing to get right for the long-term health of your plants, producing healthy plants from cuttings requires striking them quickly in stable environmental conditions. As with all stages of plant growth indoors cleanliness is incredibly important to prevent the transfer of disease or pathogens. An Aeroponic propagator provides ideal conditions to strike cuttings very quickly, giving the young plants vigour and vitality from a rapidly developing root system. Cuttings will be ready to transplant in as little as 10-14 days, consideration should be given to the length of root you let develop whilst the cutting is in the aeroponic propagator, leave them too long and you will have problems transplanting the roots successfully without damaging them or causing the young plants too much transplant shock. You will also need to consider if your intended growing medium is suitable, although Aeroponic propagators are suited to most media used for indoor horticulture.

Progrow sell Aeroponic propagators from Nutriculutre, there X-stream range of propagators provide an affordable solution if Aeroponic propagation suit your growing method. They are well sized having systems for 12, 20, 40 and 120 sites for cuttings, a great advantage of these systems is that all parts are replaceable, Progrow sell all the specific delivery tubes, Spray heads, sprinklers, correx supports, tanks and trays for the X-Stream propagators, mesh pots can be found in our ‘plant pots and saucersʼ category.