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Nothing makes indoor growing more assuring than having the ability to control the environment by which your plants develop. We provide quality extractor ducting materials, which are respected in the industry and also affordable.

At Progrow, we aim at making your hydroponic practice as stress-free and satisfying as possible. Every grow room needs adequate air circulation. This not only guarantees enough carbon dioxide and oxygen for the plants. Our ducting is flexible and lightweight and they do not contribute to additional bulky routing, unlike other heavy pipes.

Ultra Silent Ducting

One use of ducting equipment is attaching them to one end of your room's fan as an intake pipe. This sucks in air from the outside, which is then pumped effectively into your grow room. The other use involves attaching the same ducting to the other end to pump out the air from the grow room or tent. This ensures an effective hydroponic ventilation system that encourages a healthy inflow and outflow of natural air, which enriches your plants.

Acoustic (Silenced) Ducting

The application of hydroponics in gardening and horticulture is a trend that is expanding rapidly.  Ventilation is a factor that cannot be compromised in hydroponics gardening. It is important to use extractor fans to ensure that there is free and adequate circulation of air. However, installation of these extractor fans comes with challenges. One of the greatest challenges of them all is noise. The noise level in terms of vibrations and hum can be quite high. This is where the installation of acoustic ducting becomes necessary.

Aluminium Ducting

Aluminium ducting involves the use of semi-rigid ducts. These ducts are mostly used in the connection of inline fans with such items as Carbon filters, spigots, elbows, flanges and many other fittings.

Combi Ducting

Combi ducting is vital for providing your hydroponics with the right features to support the life of your plants.

Our combi ducting materials are made of highly durable stainless steel to serve you for the longest time possible. Their durability has been reinforced by a layer of PVC on the outer shell. Unlike other companies, we believe that simplicity and quality can be attained by a single product. Therefore, our combi ducting are of the best quality, you will not struggle to use them to enhance the functionality of your hydroponics grow room or tent. These are ventilation products that are made of highly flexible materials to let you build exactly what you need.

PhonicTrap Ducting

A hydroponics grow room or tent needs to be well ventilated, but it also needs to be discreet and protected from the elements. So you are going to need ducting to connect your intake and extraction fans to your carbon filters

Phonic trap ducting, in addition to providing the proper air flow, is designed to effectively muffle the sound of the filter and fan system to the point that it is effectively silent. It comes in lengths of 6 meters that can be cut to size, and there are 6 different widths: 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch.