Combi Ducting

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Color may vary, not always Black,

Manufactured to complement the exceptional range of Extractor Fans and Carbon Filters. Combi Ducting is among the highest quality ducting available. Finished in an extremely tough white PVC covering, designed to reduce noise from air movement as well as reflecting light and heat.

Price per 5 meter pack.

Our combi ducting materials are made of highly durable stainless steel to serve you for the longest time possible. Their durability has been reinforced by a layer of PVC on the outer shell. Unlike other companies, we believe that simplicity and quality can be attained by a single product. Therefore, our combi ducting are of the best quality, you will not struggle to use them to enhance the functionality of your hydroponics grow room or tent. These are ventilation products that are made of highly flexible materials to let you build exactly what you need.

Since there is a tendency of dust collecting in your ducting, when dusting we recommend that you have them fully extended for the best functionality. Our ducting is created to withstand aggressive elements and rough handling which means that you will not have to spend a lot of money trying to maintain them. They come in different sizes and weight, and you will not need any specific skills to install them.

Regardless of the general layout of your grow room or tent, or the design that you would like to achieve, you can easily do that with our combi ducting products. All of our ducting is flexible and durable and you can extend them to any length to achieve the design or layout of your choice. We usually advise our clients to ensure that they check out the features of our products before placing an order to ensure that you buy the most suitable product for your requirements.

Whatever you are looking to achieve, we will have you covered. Our shop includes an extensive range of ducting and hydroponic supplies, so you can be sure to find what you need to maximize your grow room or tent. If you are unsure of what you may need then please do not hesitate to contact a member of our experienced sales team who will be more than happy to help you with your query.

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