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BAC has been around for over 15 years, providing growers with full range of plant feed stimulants, invigorators and fertilisers for organic crop cultivation. BAC’s variety of products have been helping hydroponic growers grow healthy organic plants that improve the quality of their crop in many ways.

BAC’s Range of products include Funky Fungi, Bloom Stimulator, Final Solution, Chalk Lime, Organic Grow, Organic Bloom, Organic Foliar Spray, Organic PK Booster, Pro Active and Root Simulator. Each of those products helps support the plant in different ways, from plant development to plant flowering. It can be very confusing when starting out to know exactly what your plant needs and when they need it, that’s why BAC has created a comprehensive range of nutrients cultivation schedules which are tailored for different types of growing methods/ systems. By following the schedules which have been tested by BAC, you will get the most of out the products. Which in return will provide your plants with strong roots, health, vigorous growth and development, abundant flowering and optimal taste and scent. Following the schedule will minimize any chances of a failed crop/harvest. You can be sure when using BAC that it’s a brand that was created with passion and expert knowledge for all your growing needs, from seedling to harvest.

If at any time you’re unsure about any nutrient schedules, our expert Progrow team are extremely knowledgeable and will be able to advise you based on your growing needs. The easiest way to get in contact is to either give us a call, send an email or visit a local store.