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Air-pots work by tricking the plant into producing a mass of roots by air-pruning them as they are funnelled into the holes of the Air-pot. Once the root ‘sensesʼ the air it naturally dries and prunes the root tip.

Progrow were the first to introduce Air-pots to the Hydroponic world, recognising their potential to grow incredibly healthy plants with root structure that far surpasses any other conventional pot.

This process of pruning triggers the plant to respond by producing more roots and so the process continues until the whole of the growth media is criss crossed with roots. Air pots primary use in Horticulture has been for trees and saplings the main advantage being transplanting from an Air-pot to say an Orchard can be done with little disturbance to the root system. Also the air pruned roots will begin to regrow through the soil once the plant is planted out, so the advantages of using smaller Air-pots for indoor growing during the Vegetative stage is obvious, when you pot up from an Air-pot there is no disturbance to the roots, plants continue root growth with very little transplant shock. Air pots also prevent the typical spiralling of the tap root, all too familiar in a regular pot, and will prevent roots becoming ‘root boundʼ. Quite often a gardener confronted with a pot bound plant or spiralling root will break up the root system in an effort to free the roots and encourage root growth, this is unhealthy for the plant and can leave decaying root matter that may cause problems in your system. Air-pots also prevent spiralling of the root tip by providing an extensive root system through the growth media ensuring the plant does not have to ‘searchʼ for nutrient or water.

Progrow have found using smaller Air-pots such as the 1ltr Air-pot during the early stages leads to a much more robust well structured plant throughout its entire cycle of growth. As every grower knows what happens below is mimicked above so Air-pots produce sturdy plants with good lateral branching and close internodal spaces, ideal for fruiting plants and also well suited to indoor growing enabling a compact high yielding plant.

Air-pots are well suited to soil growing, coco fibre, ebb and flood systems and particularly well suited to a coco fibre – Automated dripper system, you can find Air-pots utilised in our RTA (Return to Anywhere) Systems in our Growing Systems section. Nutrient Solution is distributed by the Nutrimatic intelligent timer through Topspin drippers to the growth media and then collected in a specially designed RTA tray before running to waste, this method is incredibly productive and ensures even distribution of the nutrient solution through the Air-pot.

If you are hand watering Air-pots in soil you will soon discover that you are watering more frequently than you would in a normal plastic pot, the holes in the pot will cause the growth media to dry quicker and so need to be watered regularly for best results.

Progrow supply Air-pots specifically sized for indoor Horticulture, 1, 3 and 5 litre Air-pots are ideal for vegetative growth, for potting on and larger plants 9, 12.5, 20 and 38 litre Air-pots are available. Air-pots are conveniently supplied ‘flat packedʼ and are incredibly easy to put together, simply lay the Air-pot wall in front of you, you will notice to determine the inside and outside of your airpot that holes project conically to the outside of the pot, once rolled around the base the pot should look ‘spikeyʼ. Air-pot walls also have a top and a bottom, you will notice at the top of the Air-pot wall the uppermost row has no holes, this denotes the top and ensures water doesnʼt run off the surface of the growth media and out of the holes in the pot when watering. Once you have determined top and bottom and inside and out simply place the edge of the Air -pot base in the bottom row of spikes inside the Airpot wall for Air-Pots below 5ltr and two up for the larger Air-pots. Now roll the Air-pot wall around the base to make the Airpot structure, you will find the Air-pot wall will overlap neatly where it joins diagonally down the pot. To fix the Air-pot together use a single Air-pot screw for Air-pots below 5ltr this should be screwed into the top row of holes where each edge of the Air-pot wall overlaps, the larger Air-pots need two screws the second being placed one or two rows up from the bottom of the Air pot where the walls overlaps. When it comes to potting up your plants pack a couple of inches of the soil or coco fibre into the base to form a ‘bridgeʼ and it is also important to pack growth media into the inside wall of the Air-pot, form a slight convex shape to the top of the growth media ensuring that water applied is funnelled down through the Air-pot. Air-pots can be used over and over again, they are easy to clean, made of incredibly strong recycled plastic and of course will store away neatly. It is rare a single product can instil a retailer with the confidence to be sure a product will really improve their customers results from conventional methods, from our first trials with Air-pots Progrow have now sold thousands to our customers who invariably provide positive feedback in regard to their great effectiveness in increasing yield of their plants.