Ecothrive is a natural and organic product which improves plant health and increases yield. Perfect for professional growers and hobby growers. Ecothrive is a natural and organic product, made out of the purest ingredients which helps in providing long term plant growth. Ecothrive products are manufactured in the UK, and source components as locally as possible, this assures the product is of a good quality. Progrow is currently selling Ecothrive Biosys in 2 sizes, 50g and 250g. Ecothrive Nutraliser in 50ml and 250ml. If you looking to treat chlorine, protect your roots and help the overall plant growth and health then Ecothrive is highly recommended.

Great White Premium Mycorrhizae

Great White Premium Mycorrhizae is a high concentrated mix of beneficial microbes which increases water and nutrient uptake. Suitable for hobby growers and professionals. The purpose of Great White Mycorrhizae is to increase the water/nutrient uptake of the plant which results in the plant creating bigger roots. Bigger roots help plants development and have a huge effect on the size and quality of the fruit that the plant produces. It’s important to know that Great White contains 14 types of beneficial bacteria, 9 types of endomycorrhizae, 7 types of ectomycorrhizae and 2 types of trichoderma. All of these different types of microbes help to increase the size of the roots and ultimately create bigger yield. It can be used in seeds, cuttings, transplanting, soil and hydroponic system. The guidance for hydroponic system is 1 scoops per 10 gallon of water.

Orca Liquid Mycorrhizae

The Orca Liquid Mycorrhizae is easy to use and highly effective due to it containing highly beneficial bacteria which increase the nutrient uptake as well as keep the plant healthy and free of pathogens. What makes it so highly effective is the 4 mycorrhizal species and 14 super effective bacteria strains. These bacteria’s help the plant in many ways from maximising plant uptake to helping the plant defend itself from pathogens. Perfect to use in any system, and is very easy to apply and use. Because of its high concentrated formula, you only have to use a little bit at a time. Progrow sells Orca Liquid Mycorrhizae in 3 sizes: 100ml, 475ml and 946ml. It can be used with seeds, cuttings, hydroponic, soil, coco and top feeding. For hydroponics we recommended to use 5ml per 10 gallons of water. For soil, coco and top feeding its best to use 1-5ml per 1 gallon of water.

Xtreme Gardening

Xtreme Gardening launched in 2008 to bring highly effective beneficial biological inoculants to home growers. Helps your plants reach new levels of production through increasing crop yields, moisture and nutrient management.

Xtreme Gardening are a retail division of the US oldest running and most renowned producer of Mycorrhizal Inoculum called Reforestation technologies International (RTI). RTI have restored some of the poorest habitats including, deserts, nuclear test sites, as well as helped plant 750 million trees. The Xtreme Gardening product were created to inspire a new generation of growers who are striving to get maximum yields and quality from plants.