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CANNA is well known as a No.1 brand for plant technologies, known for their quality which never fails to impress. Their professionalism and expert pioneers have won them first prize for their revolutionary plant products. Fourteen countries swear by CANNA so you can be sure that their products speak for themselves.

CANNA was founded in the early 90s and are knowns as the Dutch experts who are recognized internationally as a leader within the plant technologies industry. Cannas founders were pioneering with plants years before the company was even established, they have turned their passion of plants into high quality products for everyone to use that share the same passion.

Years of intensive research has led Canna to create products which will get you the greatest yield possible. This has all been accomplished by prioritizing scientific testing on all products before anything hits the market.

Canna’s product range includes: Canna Terra, Canna Aqua, Canna Coco, Canna Hydro, BioCanna, Canna Mononutrients. Additives such as Rhizotonic, Cannazym, Cannaboost, PK 13/14 & Calmag. All of these products are purposely made to help promote fast growth in plants.