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Managing your indoor growing space is hard work, so when it’s time to harvest your plants, our range of useful harvesting tools will save you time and energy. Everything from trimmers to saleable bags.

When it’s time to harvest your fruit/flowers, we have a great selection of pruning/trimming scissors, they are small but extremely tough, perfect for trimming back leaves and doing finer clean-up work. Once you’ve gathered your crop, you can use our spin pro original trimmer, or trimpro rotor and workstation to help minimise your time spend trimming. Perfect for larger scale growers who need a quick way to sort through their flowers.

It is extremely important that your harvest is dried in stages to prevent mould or drying out the  product too much. We have a range of drying nets and drying screens at Progrow to help you dry your products evenly.

After you are done collecting your harvest we sell a range of different sized smell proof zip-zag bags which are 100% reliable, with 400 times lower transfer rate than the leading zip lock bag to store your flower in. Guaranteed that your goods will stay fresh and all smell is safely contained. If your looking for a longer storage solution, heat saleable foil pouches will work great. Being 100% airtight and smell proof, they are great for long term storage or for transport of perishable items, like flowers or herbs.

A microscope gives you a closer look at your plants, and allows you to better understand what’s going on with your plants. From pest prevention to knowing when to harvest your plant, a microscope is a great investment for anyone who want to achieve the maximum yield from their plants.