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Purolyt is a disinfectant based on Hypochlorous acid (HOCI) produced by an electrochemical process from water, salt, and electricity.

Puro­lyt’s prin­ciple of op­er­a­tion is sim­il­ar to the way the hu­man body fights off bac­teria and vir­uses. The body’s white blood cells are ac­tiv­ated creating an an­ti­mi­cro­bi­al sub­stance called hy­po­chlor­ous acid (HO­CL). HOCL is also the act­ive in­gredi­ent in Puro­lyt disinfectant. It is sci­en­tific­ally proven that HOCL has ex­tremely ef­fi­cient dis­in­fect­ing prop­er­ties.

Why should I use Purolyt?

  1. Purolyt keeps Hydroponic systems, greenhouses, tools, propagators and inert substrates free from undesirable microorganisms and bio films.

  2. With an understanding of Vapour Pressure Deficit (VPD) Tables Purolyt can be used to provide the perfect environment for optimal plant growth. The VPD table correlates the room temperature with the relative humidity RH and marks an area where these two parameters show the optimal correlation. A too high or too low VPD value will subject the plants to undue stress.

  3. The targeted use of Purolyt allows the plants to mature at an increased humidity even in the late flowering phase, preventing moulds and pathogens. This results in optimally healthy plants with increased yield.

  4. Developed in Germany in 250ml, 500ml bottles and 5ltr canisters.

  5. Purolyt disinfectant can be applied in dilution by spraying, fogging, wiping, immersion or direct addition to water/ liquids.

  6. Purolyt ef­fect­ively des­troys harm­ful bac­teri­a, fungi and al­gae including; Es­cheri­chia coli – Sal­mon­ella Typh­imuri­um – Sta­phyl­o­coc­cus aure­us – Py­thi­um spp. / Phytoph­thora spp. (Root Rot) – Botryt­is cinerea (Gray Mold) – Per­o­no­spor­aceae (Downy Mil­dew) – Ery­siphaceae (Powdery Mil­dew)

  7. Pre­vents the emer­gence of biofilms in ir­rig­a­tion sys­tem­s.

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