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Progrow offer a wide selection of Trays, tanks and water butts for use in indoor Hydroponic gardening, from respected brands such as Garland, Harcoster and Flexi-tank, Danish base trays, durable right angle water butts and all the corresponding fittings you may need.

In an indoor grow environment, it is essential that your reservoir tanks are durable and reliable, plenty of consideration should be given as to the siting of your reservoir tank, it should be easy to fill, empty and mix nutrient solution into. The size of your reservoir tank will correspond to your system and the amount of plants you intend to grow, too small a reservoir tank and you will be creating work for yourself mixing nutrient solutions, and run the risk of your system running dry, we would advise your reservoir tank is able to contain enough nutrient solution to water your plants sufficiently for up to a week. Progrowʼs right angled water butts are a Dutch classic and extensively used in hydroponics, these are low level tanks suitable fitted under growing tables such as the Danish Base trays, made from food grade light proof plastic that will not be affected by nutrient solutions. Harcoster manufacture two very useful water butts in their space saving 100 litre water butt which can be used with a stand, these water butts are perfect where space is an issue, they are widely used as reservoir tanks in Hydroponics particularly with the smaller Autopot systems.

For larger systems Harcoster provide a 250 litre round water butt that can also be used with a stand, again perfect for the Autopot systems. It was those clever people at Autopot that brought Flexi-tanks to the U.K market and now utilise them throughout their range, as the name suggests these tanks are made of a flexible plastic laminate making them easy to ship and store. They are very easy to assemble, rigid poles with fitted feet, inserted into sleeves on the flexi-tank provide support, a tap is provided so connecting pipework couldn't be simpler, Flexi-tanks for Hydroponics are available in a wide range of sizes from 100 litre to 1000 litre Flexi-tank now also produce a Pro version in 100 litre, 225 litre and 400 litre sizes, these professional quality Hydroponic reservoir tanks feature concealed tank supports, anti tip design, reflective light tight surface, inner capacity markings all in an altogether excellently thought out collapsible reservoir tank.

Progrow have supplied the full range of Garland trays since our first years, they are well known in the hobby gardening world and are particularly useful for indoor Hydroponic gardens. Made from recycled polypropylene they make ideal water reservoir trays for your plants if you are hand watering, there are a myriad of different sizes right up to recent additions to the range of the 1 m2 and 1.2 m2, which are particularly well suited for use in Grow tents. This section also contains the recent additions to our range of flexible trays, these trays are a great solution to preventing spills and leaks when fitted into grow tents.

Danish base trays are predominately used for drip irrigation in conjunction with 1 meter rockwool slabs, however these trays can be utilised in many different ways in an indoor grow, whether you stand conventional pots, Air-pots or fabric pots on them their design means your pots will drain well, with the addition of a correx top sheet they can also be used to drip irrigate 3 and 4 inch rockwool cubes. With an incredibly low profile they are particularly useful where height is an issue, Hydroponic gardeners will often design their systems around these tables, building frameworks beneath them to support the tables and growing plants they are often used in larger indoor hydroponic grow operations. Aqua trays are a single tray again used predominately with corresponding rockwool slabs for drip irrigation growing. Relevant tank connectors and fittings completes the products in this section, as with all our products if you are unsure of what is best for you please contact our sales staff for help.