FlexiTank PRO

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The FlexiTank from Autopot just got an upgrade! The FlexiTank Pro features a reflective & light-tight outer skin in glorious white, to help prevent higher nutrient temperatures.

Fully collapsible, it’s supported internally by extra ridged poles. Internally, it also has graduated capacity markings to show how much nutrient is left. Redesigned with a thicker bottom and thicker walls, the FlexiTank Pro is a superb upgrade to any growers garden!


  • Reflective and light tight
  • Ultra-strong
  • Anti-tip design
  • Internal capacity markings
  • Simple assembly in minutes
  • All fittings included

100 Litres
Size when filled with water: 48.5cm (Dimensions) x 70cm (High)
Box size and weight: 51 x 51 x 13cm/3.4kg

225 Litres
Size when filled with water: 58.5cm (Dimensions)  x 85cm (High)
Box size and weight: 61 x 61 x 13cm/5.3kg

400 Litres
Size when filled with water: 73.5cm (Dimensions) x 105cm (High)
Box size and weight: 76 x 76 x 13cm/7.1kg

Weight 3.8000 kg

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