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Ebb and Flood as a growing method is as old as any horticultural or watering method, today's growers are able to utilise systems designed to provide all the benefits associated with Ebb and Flood growing. Progrow supply Nutricultures long proven EF120, EF230, EF420 and EF620, Ebb & Flood systems as well as the Intelligent Watering System (IWS System). Nutricultures EF systems can be filled with media, typically clay pebbles, or suitable plastic pots filled with clay pebble can be placed at the hydroponicists discretion on the table to be flooded, corresponding holes for each plastic pot should be cut in the correx top sheet supplied, this will prevent light reaching the roots that will spill from the base of the pot. A nutrient solution is mixed in the reservoir tank and floods timed during the lights on growing phase for approx every 3-4 hrs dependant on the stage of growth. The Intelligent watering System (IWS) provides individual Pots for each plant or a ‘modular grow systemʼ, a mesh pot sits inside and is flooded from the reservoir via a network of black plastic LDPE tubing. As with all Ebb & Flood systems a major advantage is the amount of available oxygen to the root zone, the draining of the systems exchanges and replenishes the air, providing plants with ideal conditions for the uptake of nutrients.