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Buddha’s Tree has over 30 years of growing knowledge and experience. Working alongside a world breaking biochemist for yield records, who is rated number 1 in the field of agriculture. You can be sure that their products will show significant scientific improvement to your plants.

Buddhas Tree focuses on 4 main attributes of their products.

  • Innovation- making constant improvements to their products through scientific testing and striving to set the highest standards of plant results.
  • Safety- making sure that all their nutrients are clean and have no plant growth regulators.
  • Value for money- which in return will help customers to profit and boost productivity.
  • Support- with a full growth schedule you will see result in controlled crop quality and stress-free plants which will get you optimal results of your plants.

Buddhas Tree aims to develop their product range to the highest of standard, producing results that them themselves would want to achieve. Buddhas Tree products range includes: Advanced Meta-Boost, Coco A&B, Flower Burst, Organicus, PK 9-18 & Solar Green Power. All of which are great products that show great results.