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Iso-Max Fan and filter packages offer great savings on some of the best fan and filters on the market. We have combined the iso-max fans and rhino pro filters to create perfect set up for air quality and management in your indoor grow space.

The iso-max and rhino pro filter package comes with acoustic ducting and 3 jubilee clips to secure everything in place.

The twin iso-max ventilation kit is specific to how many lights you want to run in your room, we have done it in this way to make it easier for the grower to see what sort of power they will need to extract the heat generated from there lights. For example, a room containing 5 600w HPS would require a 4 – 6 light kit. This kit comes with everything you need to have more control of the environment of your room, the hybrid controller included with these kits allow a grower to set their min and max speeds of their fans as well as set a max temperature.

Having a steady environment is key to having a successful crop, keeping your temperature and humidity within plants growing range will ensure you plants grows at an optimal rate throughout its life cycle, having an unsteady environment can cause spikes in heat and regular dropping of temperature can seriously degrade plants growth and cause all sorts of issues.

Our iso-max fan and filter packages will give you peace of mind and your plants environment they deserve.