Iso-Max and Rhino Pro Filter

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The Iso-Max and Rhino Pro Filter is the kit to go for if you need a powerful, quiet and odourless extraction system in a small and compact package. The high pressure motors in the Iso-Max fans cope easily when pulling or pushing air through lengths of ducting and carbon filters. They are also very light weight and come with hanging attachments so installation is an easy task. Don’t forget your Rope Ratchet Hangers!
To control the speed of these fans we recommend the Hybrid Controller for absolutely SILENT fan speed operation at low speeds.

Kit Includes:

  • 1x Iso-Max of choice
  • 1x Rhino Pro Filter matching the fan
  • 5x Meters of acoustic ducting
  • 3x Hose clips

Fan Specification:

Iso-Max 150mm 410m3
Air Flow: 410m3
Diameter: 150mm
Amps: 0.2A
Watts: 52W

Iso-Max 200mm 870m3/hr
Air Flow: 900m3
Diameter: 200mm
Amps: 0.6A
Watts: 130W

Iso-Max 250mm 1480m3/hr
230V 50Hz
Air Flow: 1480m3
Diameter: 250mm
Length: 690mm (Inc. Spigots)
Amps: 0.9A
Watts: 160W

Iso-Max 315mm 2380m3/hr
230V 50Hz
Air Flow: 2380m3
Diameter: 315mm
Length: 690mm (Inc. Spigots)
Watts: 280W

Iso-Max 315mm 3260m3/hr
230V 50Hz
Air Flow: 3260m3
Diameter: 315mm
Length: 690mm (Inc. Spigots)
Amps: 3.2A
Watts: 530W

Weight 8.8400 kg

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