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Progrow offers a wide range of grow tent accessories to help you build your bespoke grow room exactly the way you want.

Growing with hydroponics requires a few core pieces of equipment. Your lamps, seeds, and grow tent are all important but don’t neglect some of the smaller accessories needed to set up your grow tent in the most efficient manner possible. Whether you need a good sturdy trellis or netting for your grow tent, you’ll find what you’re looking for here on this page.

Even the best lighting systems and best quality seeds won’t amount to much if your plants are not properly supported and cared for during the vegetative and growing phases. Assuming that you’re using good-quality and purpose-built lamps (and you should), a few quid for a simple support system is a small investment that can maximise the quality of the rest of your hydroponics operation.

Many plants have a tendency to sag or bend under their own weight. Not only that, but plants can also exacerbate these behaviours if left unchecked. What can you do about it? You can support the plant with either sturdy and robust netting, holding it upright with bamboo canes, or nestle the plant within a trellis. We even offer specially-designed yo-yo’s which can help tie up some of your bigger or heavier plants neatly and without bits of string getting everywhere. Not only will these accessories maintain the plant’s shape, but these simple methods will also help to promote plant growth the way you want.

Looking for more ways to customise your plant growth? Try some of our reusable BendZ plant training devices. By clipping onto stems during the vegetative stage, these handy little devices allow you to sculpt and grow your plants exactly the way you want. If you’ve lost some of your grow tent pieces, such as connectors, you’ll be happy to find that we sell replacement connectors of various sizes so you can fix your grow tent quickly and easily.

It pays to be well-organised and care for your plants down to the last detail. Healthier plant growth can give you bigger and better quality yields. Keeping your grow tent neat and organised is therefore essential and easy with our high-quality grow tent accessories. Our catalogue is always growing and we’re always keen to stay up to date with the latest trends in hydroponic growing, so please check back frequently to see what’s available.