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We have a wide number of ducts and fittings for use in your hydroponics grow room or tent. There is standard ducting, combi ducting, acoustic ducting, clamps and duct clips, among other accessories.

These accessories are used together to ensure that no leakage will have a negative effect on the growth of your crops. These products come in different sizes for use in varying sizes of grow scenarios. The quality of each of the parts is guaranteed to ensure longevity and optimal service.

Standard Ducting

Standard ducting includes everything from the duct clamps, ducts, splitters and all the connections within. Despite the name, standard ducting materials, these parts are high quality ventilation materials that should serve you in any grow room. We take steps to ensure compatibility with the standard fan systems on the market so that you can use them for replacement or joining new parts. Just check the required specifications for your ventilation system so that you buy the right size.

Combi Ducting

Combi ducting is also known as combined flexible ducting. It is made with an aluminium laminated interior with a PVC exterior. Our combi ducting systems are of high quality and can be installed with ease whether over round or oval ducting systems. The materials are fire resistant and do not emit poisonous gases in case of a fire. Our combi ducting systems come in various lengths and diameters to fit a wide number of ventilation systems. As always, check the required length and diameter as per your needs.

Acoustic Ducting

Acoustic ducting is a flexible alternative to using silencers for your grow room. This option is also several times cheaper than the silencers. You can use this type of ducting to reduce the noise made by fans.

The inner core is perforated but with finer holes than standard ducting. This inner core is then wrapped in glass fibre and sealed with another aluminium foil layer. When the moving air travels down the duct, the sound that is produced is let to pass through the holes onto the glass fibre coating where it is silenced. With this ducting, you can reduce the amount of fan noise by over 60%.

Are you building a new grow room project or renovating an existing one? We have the ducting systems that you need for your project. You can check the items displayed in this section of our store and use filters on the side to get relevant results. Our site allows for instant purchase by clicking on the product. Should you face a problem or require some clarification, our sales team are always at hand to offer some help.