Phoenix Ultra-Silent Ducting

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Phoenix ultra silent is a great alternative to regular acoustic ducting as it uses cross layered non-allergenic cotton as the sound baffle rather than regular fibreglass.

Why Ultra-Silent Ducting?

As much as ducting improves your grow room’s air circulation, sometimes the process can be extremely noisy. If your grow room or tent is in your house, this could be quite distracting. Thankfully, ducting can now be accessed as ultra-silent pieces of equipment, which are specially-made to filter out the fan’s noise. This assures adequate air circulation that is also easy on the ears.

The ultra-silent ducting is manufactured using plastic with well-designed internal skin that redirects sound waves towards the sound-absorbent end. The rubber at the inlet and outlet controls the fan’s vibration, thus reducing the amount of sound waves being produced. Some of the ultra silent ducting equipment has inter-woven material that is fashioned to control the sound without affecting the room’s airflow. The inner insulations give room for air to travel through the ducting without repressuring the fan.

What You Get from Purchasing Ultra-Silent Ducting Materials

The number one advantage of having ultra-silent ducting options is having a noise-free grow room as well as adequate air circulation. Secondly, the entire circulation process becomes effective, thanks to the flexibility of the materials. Quality is also high, so you will not have to worry about frequent replacement.

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