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We supply all hydroponic growing systems that define hydroponics or soilless gardening. Including Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), Ebb & Flood, Aeroponic and dripper systems. Sytems form Autopot, Alien, Nutriculture as well as all the pots trays and spare parts you will need for indoor gardening.

This section also contains our range of water & air pumps, as well as all our propagation equipment.

Choosing a Hydroponic system can be a baffling experience for a beginner, we recognise this at Progrow we aim to make the experience a little less confusing. The hydroponic system essentially contains your plants and ‘feeds’ them a nutrient rich solution at predetermined intervals usually with the aid of timers. Plants are grown in a Hydroponic system in an inert media such as rockwool, clay pebbles or soilless mediums such as coco fibre, or aeroponically where roots can also be suspended in a chamber and misted. Most hydroponic systems will fall in to two categories that being ‘recirculating systems’ or ‘run to waste systems’ with more and more exceptions we’ll come to.

Commercially most hydroponic systems will utilise ’run to waste’, that is when the nutrient is administered through the medium the plant is grown in and then runs to a waste drain or tank. Most hobby or smaller hydroponic systems will re-circulate the nutrient to the reservoir tank, examples sold by us being (NFT) nutrient film technique, flood and drain or deep-water culture systems. Over recent years coco fibre has become an increasingly popular medium to use for growing plants indoors its suitability for that environment well proven, so we also stock pot systems for coco fibre as well as our own run to waste system the RTA System.

This system was put together by us to combine the benefits of a run to waste system, coco fibre as a medium and the excellent airpots air root pruning pots. Many of our Nutrient Film Technique, Ebb and Flood, and Dripper systems are supplied by industry leader Nutriculture who have been reliably and consistently manufacturing, developing systems since 1976. Their systems include the ever popular, simple to use GT range of NFT System and their EF range of Ebb and flood, both ideal solutions for those starting out in hydroponics. Nutriculture’s range has grown impressively as they have developed further systems such as the Wilma, Amazon, Quadgrow, Octogrow and IWS System to encompass more growing methods such as aeroponics and the use of coco fibre. Air or more accurately available oxygen is essential in a good hydroponic systems which is largely why aeroponics has also become a popular growing method, plants roots being misted regularly with nutrient solution. General Hydroponics Europe (GHE) manufacture excellent systems that are similar to Aeroponics providing plenty of oxygen within the nutrient solution to aid metabolism of the nutrient solution. As previously mentioned with the advent of coco fibre more and more pot systems have been developed. Progrow have sold the excellent Autopot system of growing almost since its inception it being a superb system utilising coco fibre as a medium and a clever valve system that requires no electricity and simple maintenance. Alien are recent addition to our hydroponic systems range, their sturdy system proving efficient and a success with customers. As with all our products if you need some help we are here to help with choose the best system for you whether you’re a beginner or experienced growing looking to increase or enhance your outputs and efficiency. Progrow have always felt the importance to supply equipment for you to replace the parts that will inevitably wear in your hydroponic system so you can be sure buying a system from us you will have a supplier with all the spare parts and accessories you will need. This section also contains water pumps and air pumps for hydroponic systems as well as their corresponding fittings, tank heaters to maintain the correct temperature in your tank, reverse osmosis machines and a good range of timers including the excellent nutrimatic timer.