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Drip irrigation is widely used in indoor Hydroponic gardening, it enables the grower to deliver nutrient precisely to each plant. Progrow supply Dripper systems from Nutriculutreʼs Flo-gro & Wilma systems, the General Hydroponics Europe Waterfarm and Aquafarm, and for larger grows the Return To Anywhere (RTA) System.

Progrow have sold General Hydroponics Europeʼs (GHE) Waterfarm and Aquafarm systems since 2001, they featured in our first starter kits such is their reliability for inexperienced growers. Both systems are perfect for those looking to grow one or two plants under a single light, the Waterfarm suited to a tent like the Secret Jardin DR60, whilst the Aquafarm is better suited to a DR90 – or DR120. These systems are incredibly well made (using one of the most durable recycled plastics used in Hydroponic systems) they are self-contained in that the growing tray sits above a reservoir, this tray is filled with expanded clay pebble. Water/ Nutrient Solution along with a lot of Oxygen, is pumped from the reservoir through the pump column and emitted through a ring above the clay pebbles, any excess then simply drains back to the reservoir. Nutricultureʼs Flogro 500 systems work in exactly the same way and again is another perfect system for the tentative beginner wanting to grow 1 2 plants. Visiting you will see these systems used to grow very large plants like Banana Trees and other specimen plants in their greenhouses. We are confident through years of experience that these systems guarantee exceptional results in the right environment, as stated they are perfect for those wishing to grow a single or up to 4 plants in a small space. For larger growers Progrow have developed a dripper system through 20 years of experience in hydroponics. Recognising the undoubted widespread commercial use of dripper systems that run to waste Progrow have developed the Return to Anywhere System, we believe one of the best dripper systems available. The system is built around the Top spin dripper manifold which delivers nutrient solution at a regulated even pressure, each manifold has 12 flood drippers, 2-3 or 4 drippers can be used per plant. The Topspins are fed from powerful pumps in the reservoir tanks, through filter, non return valve and anti-syphon valve, feeds are timed with the nutrimatic timer, this timer feeds ‘intelligentlyʼ spacing the frequency of feeds through the lights on cycle to provide irrigation ‘little and oftenʼ, preventing the build up of excess salts. Progrow utilise the excellent Air-pot in our Dripper systems, again through years of experience we have determined there is no better pot for producing fast growing, well structured, healthy plants that produce a good yield. Drippers emit into the coco-fibre contained in the Air-pot, any excess drains into the individual tray beneath the Air-pot, the RTA tray. This excess is then drained through a network of piping back to a ‘Brain Bucketʼ. As the name of the ‘Return to Anywhereʼ (RTA) suggests once the Brain Bucket reaches a certain level the excess can be pumped to waste or collected and recycled for garden use. Progrow list many systems here from x2 pot XL systems using 38ltr Air-pots to x24 pot RTA systems coupled with predominantly 9ltr and 12ltr Airpots, the beauty of this system is in part in its adaptability, whether its the size of Air-pot or the number of plants you need to grow this system can be adapted very successfully. We are confident if youʼve never grown with a dripper system that would you be hard pushed to find a better dripper system on the market that will consistently produce quality large yields for the indoor gardener. Progrow also supply High and Low pressure dripper kit systems utilising the TopSpin dripper manifold, listing kits to supply up to 72 plants, these kits are well thought out and tested by us, so you can be sure each plant is receiving the correct amount of nutrient solution at any one time. You will also find individual components and fittings so you can add to your systems or replace damaged parts. If you have a larger system in mind please give us a call so we can talk through and hopefully meet your requirements.