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It doesn’t take any ‘newbie’ to Hydroponics long understand the importance of oxygen to the growth of plants in an indoor hydroponic garden. Whether it be a well oxygenated reservoir tank or providing oxygen directly to the rhizosphere the positive benefits to the plants ability to uptake nutrient are well documented, and visibly evident once you start improving available oxygen to your plant’s roots zone. Progrow sell a wide range of air pumps as well as numerous manifolds and fittings to enable the grower to configure to multiple air stones or ‘pods’ in Deep water culture systems, all our air pumps are built for hours of reliable use when correctly used and maintained. Our smallest air pumps are supplied by Hailea from the single outlet 1.6 l/min air pump to the 4 outlet 2.5 l/min pump these quiet little pumps represent excellent value. For larger applications Secoh’s superb electromagnetic linear air pumps are our choice, made by a Japanese company since their inception in 1966, in the flesh their quality is evident. When connected these pumps are virtually silent in operation and provide large air output, the Secoh JDK 50 providing 75 l/min. These larger Secoh air pumps can be connected to steel manifolds listed here, making them ideal for Deep water culture applications, Autopot Air-dome systems, and anywhere the hydroponic garden has the need to oxygenate multiple tanks or systems. Hailea complete our range of air pumps with the V20 and V60 silent air pumps, these more affordable high output air pumps are highly efficient with a double air chamber, producing low noise, aided by double damping noise reducing insulation, compact aluminium design, & built to work continuously without fault, you can be assured the air pumps we supply will provide faultless performance in your hydroponic application.