Hailea ET50 Air Pump

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The Hailea ET 50 Air Pump is a linear diaphragm air pump which provides a reliable, clean, oil free, high output air source. Extremely durable and reliable, often used to oxygenate fish ponds and aquariums they are widely used in Hydroponic gardening.

With a large 50 ltrs per minute capacity the Hailea ET50 air pump will run multiple air stones in deep water culture systems or airdomes as used in the Autopot systems. Conveniently supplied with a rubber elbow and 10mm brass fitting for 10mm air line. Use the rubber fitting in conjunction with our useful  manifolds and fittings.


Utilising Green drive technology – energy efficient motors with low power consumption.
Specially formulated diaphragm material for extended life.
Robust and compact construction – weatherproof.
Easy to service with competitively priced spares kit.
Suited to intermittent or continuous duty applications.
Whisper quiet operation as low as 35dB.

The ET series Datasheet; https://www.progrow.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/ET-SERIES-UK-2019.pdf


Use a sufficiently large enough air pump with enough discharge capacity. Fittings and pipe sizes should be chosen to suit your installation requirements, make sure to secure pipes with clips. Using larger bore pipe and avoiding sharp bends will improve performance. Bends in the air pipe, aerators placed too deep, or old or dirty ones, will will all reduce capacity and make the air pump work harder. Ensure the Air pump can discharge sufficient air at all times, never close off the pump outlet, this can damage the pump. To avoid ‘backflow’ of water into the pump, instal the pump above water level. if this is not possible a non-return valve or check valve must be used in the outlet pipe.


All hailea Eviro Series air pumps are serviceable, please take a look at this Youtube video that explains the procedure.

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