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Whether you are looking to replace existing parts in your grow tent or add a few additional components to your setup, we have something for you. Our electrical spares include SMSCOM replacement fuses, heat resistant flex cables, ceramic lamp holders and CFL leads for your fluorescent lamp.

If are you looking to add extra light to your grow room, we recommend compact fluorescent lamps (CFL’s). This is the most basic type of growing light available and does a good job of assisting in the growth of a variety of plants. CFLs are currently more common than LED grow lamps, high-pressure sodium and metal halide. This is because they are low in cost and are energy saving. The best part is, they are highly customisable to your indoor lighting needs. No special fixtures are required and they can be installed close to your plants to maximize the effect. Progrow stocks spare parts and leads for CFL lights. Our CFL plugs can be easily plugged into any conventional light socket.

Progrow stocks a range of spare parts for the SPC and Twin Temperature Controllers. From time to time, the SPC and Twin Controller fuse will need replacing. This will help extend the life of your controller. Each new SPC controller comes with one spare fuse. For additional fuses, we stock the SMSCOM Replacement Fuse. They come in a 10 pack. We stock three varieties: 16 AMP, 10 AMP and 8 AMP.

We have a range of IEC rewirable connectors. These are known as kettle connectors. They are made from high-temperature plastic that won’t melt as the light gets hot. This is ideal for hydroponic gardening. The connectors will give you total flexibility when assembling cables. The slim design allows the connectors to be used in areas where access is limited. Our plugs meet all necessary safety standards.

In addition to our spare parts, we also stock selected hydroponic grow systems and kits with everything you need to start growing, including grow lighting, fans and nutrients.