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Pests and disease are a real threat to any garden and can be devastating. Prevention of both of these threats is the best method to apply especially when growing in an indoor setting. Below you’ll find solution to eradicating pests and disease.


Pests can spread through a well-kept garden very quickly and destroy your much-loved plants in a matter of week, some may even carry diseases that cause infections to your plants. Each pest and disease can be very unique in the way it must be treated, that’s why we offer a full range of products covering all bases.

Whether it be spider mites, whitefly, greenfly, blackfly or aphids, they can all ruin your crop so prevention is key to keep pests away. Intakes and outtakes fans provide the perfect channels for pest to travel down air filter. By using bug barriers, you can limit pests coming through the ventilation.

Deterrents such as Neem Oil, Smoke Bomb, Spotless Concentrate are also commonly used and highly recommended. There are certain essential oils and compounds that exist which pests hate and will stay clear off. A lot of the products we offer are natural and organic based so there is no need to worry that these products affecting the growing cycle of your plants. If you follow both physical prevention and use deterrents you increase your chances of keeping your crop safe.


Disease like powdery mildew and botrytis are the most common types we see in a growing environment which can take hold of your crop very quickly. Prevention would have been key here as the most common types of disease are caused by environmental issues. Ensuring that your environment stays at the correct levels of humidity and heat is key to prevent almost all disease types. Whether it be the environment of your room or the water in your tank. Ensuring everything is correct will prevent the use of eradication products and techniques on your crop. This is particularly necessary when eradicating mould.

A similar approach is used with root disease but this one can be a lot harder to stop and if you are growing in full hydroponics one plant can infect the whole crop by passing its disease through the whole watering system. Pythium tends to be the biggest enemy we see when it comes to infected root zones, we recommend Wilt-Guard, Regen-A-Root and Silver Bullet which contain specifically designed compounds that attack Pythium.

Adding beneficial microbes e.g. Dynomyco, Mykos… at the begging of potting your plants can be a great line of defence for future scenarios, the microbes can be kept healthy throughout the crop with products suited to its nutritional needs. But be aware that when using silver bullet, you will get rid of all beneficial microbes you’ve added.

Pests and disease are the last thing any grower wants in their garden. But with proper maintenance and routine cleaning, along with some special designed compounds we are confident you can find everything you need to protect your garden from these scenarios.