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Athena IPW is a complete pest management formula that kills many soft-bodied insects and mildew on contact. When used as directed Athena IPW penetrates plant crevices and leaf surfaces where unwanted biotic diseases seek to colonise.

  • Complete powdery mildew management: Control, Killer & Cure

  • NO artificial pesticides or fungicides

  • Derived from inputs grown in the USA

  • Can be used from seedling to harvest

  • EPA 25(b) Exempt product with minimal risk ingredients

Spray Procedure:

  1. Saturate. Fully saturate the media with pH adjusted water

  2. Climate. Lower temperature to around 72°F and use dehumidifiers to maintain humidity around 55-65% to prevent mould and mildew issues.

  3. Lighting. Only spray when high intensity lights are turned off to prevent burning.

  4.  Spray. Start by spraying the media, following up the stalk making sure to drench the underside of the leaves. Follow with a spray over the top to ensure full saturation of the plants foliage.

  5. Dry. Make sure you allow enough time to dry (3-4 hours) before high intensity lights are turned back on.

Treating Infestation’s with Athena IPW:

Athena IPW spray procedure is designed to fully eliminate spider mites and powdery mildew in your garden.

For spider mite infestations we recommend two consecutive days of spraying followed by a day off. The day off allows an opportunity for the plants to rest, the repeated spraying can stress the plant during the process.

If you notice any adverse reactions such as wilting or other phytotoxic reactions you should add more days off between spraying. This rotation is repeated 3 times over a nine day period, the 9th day being a day off.

Athena’s full spray procedure can be found here:

IPW Mite_Mildew_ Spray Procedure

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