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Biobizz Nutrients began in 1992 and have helped growers grow organically without any chemicals since the start. Providing the highest level of research and development, Biobizz are leaders in the crop cultivation industry.

Biobizz have strived to create sustainable agriculture from the very beginning. Ensuring to minimise the impact that’s created on the environment, as well as to highlight how to use natural methods and products to encourage self-sufficiency. Since starting in the Netherlands in 1992, Biobizz has grown to be present in 64 countries, and become a leading company in this sector.

Biobizz are a trusted name in the hydroponics industry that guarantee the best results. Biobizz products do not contains any harmful heavy metals, artificial additives, or synthetic pesticides. Biobizz is 100% certified organic, which means all of their products are too, including: Bio-Grow, Bio-Bloom, Top-Max, Bio-Heaven, Alg-a-mic, Acti-vera, Fish-Mix, Root-Juice, Bio-ph+ & Bio-ph-. Anything that’s grown using Biobizz nutrients is safe and healthy to consume.

Bio-Grow is a liquid growth fertilizer that improves the development stage of a plant. Bio-Bloom is a liquid fertilizer that promotes flowering and tasty fruit. Top-Max is a flowering stimulator which increases the size & weight of flowers, improves nutrients uptake, and produces better tasting and aromatic crops. Bio-Heaven is a metabolic stimulator which contains amino acids that improves the plants structure and metabolism. Alg-a-Max helps rescue your plants from any stresses that the plant might have experience, and relives plant stress and encourages production.