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Indoor grow tents & accessories from Progrow Hydroponics include; Pro-growroom, Bud Box, Secret Jardin, Gorilla and darkroom. From small propagation tents to 3.6m monsters! A grow tent provides a quick solution to a sealed environment for your plants. We are then able to control that environment with the addition of lighting, ‘intake’ ventilation and extraction. A convenient easy to set up solution for the indoor gardener with sizes to suit all applications including roof tents.

Propagation tents provide the perfect environment for seedlings & cuttings as well as micro-greens and herbs. Fluorescent, CFL and LED lighting systems are conveniently catered for by most tent manufacturers.

Years of development and innovation has seen incremental improvements to Indoor grow tent design. Whereby the user benefits from intake, exhaust and cable ports at ground and high level. Making the current product range of Hydroponic grow tents the best available. Both Bud-Box and Secret Jardin are continually revising their ranges based on testing and real world experience.

Indoor grow tents are the simple solution to the small scale gardeners needs. Plants grown in an indoor grow tent environment need to be contained in either a specifically built ‘grow room’ or on a smaller scale a grow tent. Progrow has watched the development of grow tents from the start, still proudly supplying Budbox one of the original designers and manufacturers of grow tents in the U.K.

A grow tent provides a quick solution to a sealed environment for your plants, we are then able to control that environment with the addition of lighting, ‘intake’ ventilation and extraction. All grow tents will have ‘ports’ or vents for intake and out-take ventilation as well as ports for cables and hoses. Progrow hydroponics supply grow tents from Pro-growroom, bud box, Secret Jardin, and darkroom from small propagation tents to 3.6m monsters!

All our grow tents are constructed around sturdy steel frames made to support your hydroponic equipment such as lighting and fans. The fabric ‘shell’ of a grow tent should be lightproof and provide reflection on the inside, either plain white or silver mylar coatings are used ensuring optimum use of your lighting. Many manufacturers provide entry to your tent from many sides making it easier to care for mature plants.

Most grow tents are constructed of heavy cordura fabric, watch out for cheaper alternatives that will very soon degrade under the harsh conditions of an indoor grow environment. It is important for photo-sensistve and photo-periodic plants that your grow tent is lightproof, all Progrows grow tents provide the ideal environment for your plants. All our grow tents come with large ports for ventilation that will then seal around your ducting and cables with draw cords. Once the tent is sealed a ‘negative’ pressure can be established with your ventilation equipment to prevent unwanted grow room smells escaping.

Progrow sell a wide variety of grow tents suitable for both amateur and professional indoor horticulturalists. Other than budget for your tent the first considerations is its usage, and space you have to dedicate to your grow, remembering working room around your tent and space for ventilation. You should also consider the stage of growth of your plants and whether you need a tent for the propogation/vegetative stage as well as the flowering stage. With this in mind we stock small purpose made propagation tents ideal for starting seedlings and cuttings in some cases providing enough room to perform some of the vegetative stage of the growing cycle. Some propagation tents such as the well thought out Pro-growroom PG120c provide sectioned off areas for seedlings, cuttings and an area for maintaining a mother plant. Most ranges of tents will tent start at around 1 meter square as this is the ideal size for a 600w hydroponic lighting system and be around 2 meters in height providing enough room for your plants to grow to maturity.

From here indoor grow tent sizes increase and the size you choose will largely be determined by the amount of lighting you intend to use for an intended yield or as previously mentioned the space you have to dedicate. All Progrow staff will be happy to help you choose the most suitable grow tent for your purpose and we can also supply most brands out there even those not listed on our site.