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This means that to be a successful grower, you have to use inputs such as starting fertilisers and nutrition enhancers in the soil or other planting medium to enable the seeds/seedlings/cuttings to develop a strong rooting system and get sufficient nutrients. Additionally, you have to apply such products such as foliar, flowering enhancers and budding boosters, in order to maximise your harvest. Applying each of these products mainly requires spraying.

To help you make each of the applications easily, we stock high-quality sprayers that range from simple handheld pressure sprayers to professional nebulisers that can help you cover 100 square metres in under a minute. With our sprayers, you will be able to apply pesticides and other mediums in your grow rooms efficiently.

Our watering sprayers are ideal for cleaning your grow rooms, applying foliar and other boosters, and irrigating your crop. Other tools that you will find here include dehumidifiers and sulphur evaporators.

In addition to the sprayers, we also have the inputs that you need to apply in your grow room at every stage of your crop's growth. For instance, we stock top starting fertilisers, nutrition enhancers and PH adjusters/stabilisers that you will use in your soil or other planting medium. You can also order reliable growth boosters that will help your crop develop a strong rooting system, strong stalks, healthy leaves and achieve optimal flowering.

Throughout the plant life, you will need to ensure that it is safe from pests such as thrip and spider mites if you want to enjoy a bumper harvest. An easy way to keep the pests away is to choose an insecticide capable of targeting and killing the pests at different stages. In line with this, we stock top pesticides that have been proven to eradicate pests effectively.

Moreover, we stock bacterial products that help protect your crops from root diseases. You can also get enzyme-based products that ensure your crops have the immunity needed to overcome various diseases. Our inventory also comprises of inputs that your crop needs to produce optimally. Each of the inputs contain specific nutrients, minerals, bacteria, or catalysts to boost the crop's productivity. For instance, we stock products that provide phosphorous and potassium to your crops to enhance the quantity and quality of fruits they produce while others provide calcium and magnesium to the crop in order to boost its growth.

For reliable crop sprayers and inputs that will help your crops yield optimally, just place an order today or contact us for more information.