Filter by price

Progrow were one of the first in the industry to provide discounted fan and filter packages together. These packages take away the hassle of matching fan to filter and then ducting sizes and on top of that they are discounted to you.

Extraction fans and filters provides a means to circulate air in your grow room whilst filtering any odour by using a carbon filter. Cheaper packages will contain simple charcoal filters, while the more expensive packages will contain longer lasting activated carbon filters.

Fan speed controllers

To maintain the perfect environment in your grow room it is recommended to use fan speed controllers or environmental controllers as good airflow is essential to plant health and vigour in hydroponic systems. Some of our preferred electronic controllers include the latest Control Freak 6-Amp Dual Fan speed controller, Control Freak 3 Amp Dynamic Frequency Fan Speed, G.A.S Enviro controller, SMSCom 4.5 –Amp Twin-Fan Speed Temperature Controller and silent mechanical controllers such as SMSCom 16-Amp Hybrid Twin Fan Speed Temperature.

Carbon air filters

Carbon filters used in the hydroponic industry come in two basic forms, simple coal filled filters that will last 6 months to a year and activated carbon filters which will last up to 3 years. They are sized by their spigot size 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, etc and in cubic meters of airflow to match the corresponding extractor fan. CarboAir have also just introduced a new range of filters with differing wall sizes, most packages will contain trusted Rhino carbon filters or Prima Klima filters.

Duct Fans

Duct fans are the workhorse of your environmental control system for your Hydroponic Grow room whether extracting or inputting. They are essential for indoor growing to maintain the right temperature and humidity in your grow room whilst removing excess oxygen from photosynthesis and bringing in fresh co2 laden air. These fans should be robust which is why we sell the ever popular BK, RVK & KVK Systemair range of fans, Phresh Hyper fan, Iso-max, and G.A.S revolution vector EC fan and silenced version.

Our Fan Filter Packages

Our fan and filter packages start with the BK range of budget fans that are not short on quality performance and reliability. You will then find RVK Systemair fan and filter packages, as with the BK range these are available with cheaper filters or rhino pro filters and a choice of ducting. We also supply in this section ISO max fan and filter packages typically used in larger grow room set ups, all these discounted kits are supplied with Rhino Pro filters. Some of the discounted kits you will find in this section also contain an intake fan and matched controller typically SMSCom’s Twincontroller or their superb ‘silent in operation’ mechanical controllers.

All our fan and filter packages make it easier for you to select the correct equipment, taking the hassle out of matching Extractor fan to filter, clips to ducting, and with the correct controller for your ventilation system all in a discounted package these kits are popular amongst our customers.

We only supply quality equipment you can rely on day in, day out, that is specifically built to industrial standards to best withstand the harsh environment of a grow room.

Packages come complete with flex and plug where needed, typically 5m of ducting and enough hose clips to connect your components.

If you are new to choosing a fan and filter for your grow room or tent careful consideration should be given to where your fan and filter are positioned. Extracting typically from the top of your growroom most set ups will contain the fan and filter in the room or grow tent. Fans and filters can be firmly fixed together with the aid of a ‘Fast clamp’ that will join spigots on both fans and filter of the same size. Considering where your extracted air goes is an important consideration also, runs of ducting need calculating and planning. Progrow are happy to help you choose the correct package for you and your application.