Twin RVK Ventilation Kit for 1 x 600w Lights

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Choosing the right ventilation system is paramount to success when growing indoors. We have saved you the hassle of doing all the calculations by putting together the optimum sized package based on the number of lights you are using and including an SMSCOM Twin Controller to automatically control the temperature inside the room. If you want to make sure things work well for you and don’t want the hassle and expense of changing your system because it can’t cope, then this is the way to go.
Once set up, just connect the inlet and exhaust fans to the SMSCOM Twin Controller and set your desired temperature. The system will then provide the right amount of ventilation to accurately control the temperature inside the grow room day in day out. The system also guarantees a negative air pressure which when coupled with Rhino Pro Filters gives extra piece of mind.

Kit Included:

  • Inlet fan: RVK 125A1 225m3/hr
  • Extraction fan: RVK 150A1 425m3/hr
  • Twin Controller 4.5A
  • Aluminium Ducting 127mm x 5m
  • Aluminium Ducting 152mm x 5m
  • Hose Clips 175mm x 5
  • Rhino Pro Filter 150mm x 300mm 600m3/hr x 1.
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