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Drip irrigation is a very precise method of applying nutrient solution to each plant, plants can be fed into grow media with a single or multiple drippers. Drippers are rated by the amount of nutrient solution they supply, hence a 2 l/p dripper stake will emit 2 litres of nutrient in an hour with sufficient pump pressure.

Progrow supply all hydroponic dripper fittings for you to build your own dripper system to any scale. Typically a dripper system is fed from a reservoir tank, it should ideally pass through a non-return valve and filter, as its name suggests a non-return valve prevents nutrient solution syphoning back to the reservoir tank once the pump has stopped. A header line is set up between your plants in 16mm LDPE rigid pipe, this ‘headerʼ pipe work should be positioned to enable you to reach each plant with an equal amount of dripper line to maintain a balanced system whereby each plant is receiving the same amount of nutrient solution. Use a 3mm hole punch to make a hole in the LDPE pipework, you then push a 5mm dripper nipple into the LDPE pipe, measure your dripper line from the LDPE to the dripper in the plant pot. The dripper line should loop comfortably rather than being stretched out, all 3mm dripper lines should be cut to the same distance. Push the dripper line onto the barb of the insert nipple and then connect your chosen dripper emitter to the other end. Progrow also supply insert Teeʼs to enable you to have two drippers from a single hole in your header pipework, and also an 8 outlet manifold with 1/2 male thread with can be connected to various pipework sizes with the aid of fittings in our hydroponic fittings section of our site. Flood drippers as the name suggests will flood your growing media, whereas a 2 litre per hour arrow dripper is better suited to a little and often approach to watering. With years of experience you can be sure we supply everything you will need to be able to water your plants with a drip irrigation method, if you are unsure in anyway about the fittings you may need please consult one of our sales staff who will be more than happy to give you the best advice on how to drip irrigate your indoor hydroponic garden.