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There are some plants that can emit a very strong smell as they grow, sometimes these smells need to be controlled and/or removed. An extractor fan with a carbon filter will take care of most of these odours but if there is a lingering smell then we have an excellent range of odour neutralisers that you can use.

ONA comes in a gel, block and spray so it can tackle a variety of situations where odours need to be neutralised. The ONA breeze fan sits on top of the gel range and blows the neutralising agent across larger areas. Sprays and mists are small and portable so can be used on the go or just to freshen up a room instantly. The ONA block is small enough to fit into any size ducting which can neutralise any rouge smells that come through an exhaust. Unlike other air fresheners ONA does not cover up the smell of something, it absorbs the offending smell particles and then dissolves them.

However, there can be times where odour control still is not enough. This is where an ozone generator is the best tool for the job. An ozone generator destroys any smell particles, it also destroys airborne bacteria and mould spores. PRO3 offer a range that generate from 2 – 1000mg of ozone per hour.