OCD Gel Odour Neutraliser

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OCD Gel Odour Neutraliser banishes those odours outstaying their welcome. OCD’s DEO-MAX technology uses complex organic molecules to break down bad smells at their source. Each scent has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties to keep homes and grow spaces at their best.

Uses DEO-MAX technology

For a long-lasting solution to odour control, OCD Gel has things covered. A spoonful will eliminate bad smells, and its anti-bacterial properties will keep new ones from arising.

The OCD range uses unique DEO-MAX technology, which – unlike standard air fresheners – targets odour molecules and attacks them, destroying bad smells on contact. No more masking or lingering: they’re gone for good.

Long-lasting odour elimination

Tents and small grow spaces can easily grow stagnant, as well as plants and fertilisers giving off their own odours.

This gel is perfect for a hands-free approach to odour elimination. Available in pots between 1 and 22 litres, it’s suitable for growers on any scale and provides unbeatable value for money. Providing constant refreshment, it’s the perfect long-term solution to areas which quickly build up bad smells.

Made from essential oils

Everyone knows that “fake flower” scent. The OCD range is free from artificial, chemical smells, using essential oils at its base. Go for the trusted Original scent for clean, dependable freshness, or choose something a little more to your taste: there’s Orange, Lemon, Bubblegum, and Fresh Linen on offer.

How to use OCD Gel?

Transfer a spoonful of gel into a dish and leave in the affected area to target unwanted smells at their source. The gel will evaporate over time; just replace once the dish is empty. You can also place the Gel inside ducting to treat air expelled through exhaust fans.

Keep away from children and animals and out of direct heat.

Where to use OCD Gel Odour neutraliser?

You can use the OCD range anywhere! This gel is particularly suited to areas which require constant odour elimination over time. It requires no maintenance – simply leave it for prolonged, natural freshness.

It can also be distributed into different containers for use in multiple rooms at a time. Use in grow tents, grow rooms, greenhouses, offices, sheds, offices, and bathrooms to eliminate persistent odours and keep them away for good.

Why choose OCD Gel?
  • Odour eliminating gel;
  • Breaks down unwanted smells rather than masking them;
  • Made with essential oils;
  • Long-lasting gel form.
  • Uses original OCD DEO-MAX technology;
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Available Sizes

  • 1 litre
  • 4 litres
  • 22 litres
Weight 1.2000 kg

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