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Progrow have always sold an extensive range of quality irrigation fittings for Hydroponics, we started our own journey into hydroponics utilising fittings listed here to build dripper systems and header pipework for indoor Hydroponic gardens.

Pipework for hydroponics is typically 12mm 3/8 inch, 16mm 1/2 inch, 20mm 3/4 inch or 25 mm 1 inch, and so fittings correspond to these sizes of pipework. Fittings that fit inside the pipework create the seal with barbs, barbed teeʼs, elbowʼs and crossʼs enable you to run pipework neatly and efficiently in your hydroponic grow room. Barbed reducers enable you to reduce the size of your pipework and barbed stop ends complete the header pipe in most instances. Progrow supply barbed flow control taps that can also be used at the end of ‘headerʼ pipework, this enables the pipework to be ‘flushedʼ or drained successfully, Barbed Flow control taps can also be used to isolate sections of pipework. Our hydroponic irrigation section also contains various barbed fittings to either male or female ‘British Standard pipeʼ (BSP) thread, these provide the hydroponic gardener great versatility when designed a watering system, end caps, non return valves, anti siphon valves, taps and filters can all be fitted into these threaded fittings. As with all our products we pride ourselves on our experience using them and customer service, so if you are unsure of what fittings you need please consult our sales staff for help. ‘Irrigation fittingsʼ also contains Polyethlene or PE fittings, these are robust 25mm 1 inch professional hydroponic irrigation fittings rated to 16 bar pressure, these fittings are compression fittings, gripping the pipe to create a superior seal. As with the smaller barbed fittings Progrow supply elbows, teeʼs, straight connectors and stop ends as well as all the relevant filters and non return valves that corresponds with 25mm PE fittings. PE fittings work particularly
well with the top spin dripper system enabling the hydroponic gardener to built larger dripper systems. Our irrigation fittings section also contains various tub outlet connectors to enable you to connect pipework directly to reservoir tanks, as well as inline filters, non return valves, anti siphon valves, couplings, grommets and hose tail connectors in all common sizes.