Antelco Shrubber 360 Spike mounted Dripper

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Antelco Shrubber 360 Spike mounted Dripper is the original patented Shrubbler® with flow adjustment. Flow and coverage can be altered by rotating the cap. It is the perfect dripper to provide a large coverage for larger plants in coco fibre. It is compatible with 4mm id dripper line used with our topspins.

Antelco Shrubber 360 Spike mounted Dripper features:

  • Fingertip flow control with shut-off option.
  • Spike models to anchor Shrubbler® at the plant.
  • Spike models suit 4 mm ID micro tube.
  • Barb model for direct attachment to micro and supply tubes.
  • 4 mm threaded model for installation into Rigid Risers and Asta® Stakes.
  • 1/2″ threaded model for riser pipe installations.


Pots, tubs, landscaped gardens and nurseries. Ideal for hanging baskets. In-Line Spike model suitable for planter boxes.

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