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At Progrow in relation to pests and diseases our philosophy has always been ‘prevention is better than cure through careful maintenance and good practice’. Cleanliness is of the up most importance in Hydroponic gardens, day to day cleaning and maintenance will prevent the conditions for both pests and disease.

Progrow stock a range of products to prevent your plants being susceptible to diseases such as moulds and mildews and strengthen them against attack from pests. We supply solutions to help you once you have identified that your plants are under attack from pests, common indoor pests include spidermites, thrips, whiteflies, aphids and mealey bugs. Control of these in the indoor environment falls under two categories of live predator control or liquid application. Each particular pest, fortunately, as is natures way provides more often than not a safe biological solution to eradicating pests such as spidermites with live predators like Phytoseiulus.

Phytoseiulus are a minute predatory insect that will consume large amounts of spidermites and their eggs to control infestations, Amblysieus are effective against thrips, and hypoaspis effective for fungus knat control. Add to this our armament of liquid treatments such as Crop Guard Anarak, CXHydroponics Spotless and SMC we have the products and know how to help you stop a spider mite infestation in its tracks. Progrow have always leant on the side of biological or as near organic solutions as possible to control pest and diseases.