Spotless Concentrate

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Real dead real fast! Spotless is a truly effective 100% non toxic, organic spray that kills spider mites on contact. It works by dissolving the spider mites hard outer coating killing them in less than five seconds flat! This is up to 30 times faster than chemical pesticides. It has no withholding period, does not leave sticky residues on the leaves and can be used right up until harvest. Mites cannot become resistant to treatment.
This really is the fastest and most effective non chemical, non poisonous spray of its kind.
Spotless contains no chemicals and no poisons so can be used in conjunction with predator insects. Predators can be introduced AFTER you have finished using Spotless without coming to any harm. Use Spotless until mites have disappeared and then introduce predators as soon as the leaves have dried.
Also kills, whitefly larvae and aphids.

  • Impossible for mites to become resistant to treatment
  • Use right up to harvest
  • Organic
  • Non toxic
  • No chemicals
  • No Poisons
  • 20ml makes 1ltr of ready to use spray

Available in 2 sizes:

  • 20ml
  • 100ml


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