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The EasyFeed system by Alien Hydroponics is a fantastic system for novices and experienced growers alike. All connected using 16mm flexible pipe, it’s very quick and simple to setup and less likely to get blocked up making for an easier and hassle free grow.  Being a “bottom feed” system it uses gravity, therefor requires no pumps or electricity supply.  Each of the robust trays features its own adjustable float valve that regulates the supply of water to each plant meaning that as the plant takes up the nutrient the valve will drop and refill the tray ready for the plant to have its next feed.  The clever EasyFeed battery operated timer attached to the supply pipe can be set to regulate how often and for how long the nutrient solution is supplied to the trays to give you ultimate control of how much the plants are supplied ensuring the pots are never left standing in water. The Easyfeed system can be connected to most types of water butts or tanks with most people opting for a FlexiTank

Available as a complete module in 16ltr or 22ltr variants, the EasyFeed system can be easily expanded if required. Each module comes complete with EasyFeed Tray, lid & float valve, EasyFeed Root Pruning Fabric Pot, hose tail connector and 1m of 16mm green Easyfeed pipe.  The components of the system can also all be purchased separately so if you should need to replace one part, you are not forced to purchase parts that you don’t require.

Key features and benefits:

·         No pumps or electricity required

·         Gravity Fed

·         Ability to control watering Frequency

·         No wasted water or nutrients

·         Root Pruning Fabric Pots