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Hydroponics is one of the modern farming methods that involves growing plants indoors. Unlike the plants we grow in our gardens, plants grown using hydroponics need extra care since most of the necessary factors of growth may not be available in an indoor set-up. Hydroponics growers use human-made systems to provide the plants everything they need. Natural airflow is one of the requirements to keep the hydroponic systems breathing. To enable airflow into the systems, growers apply the use of ducting.

METU Pro Fast Clamp 150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 315mm

This product is beneficial when connecting a variety of equipment such as fans, filters and ozone generators in your grow room. METU Pro Fast Clamps are made of strong galvanized steel with polyethylene foam, giving it the strength and durability required. The clamps have only one bolt fixing for easy and quick fitting. One advantage of these clamps is that their foam can seal up different sizes of duct pipes up to the maximum of 4mm. This way, they eliminate the need two use two clamps and a ducting section when connecting CarboAir fillers to the fans. With the METU clamps, you are assured of a firm and secure connections with minimal drag.

Quick Release Duct Clips

These duct clips are used to hold the ducting tightly together with hydroponic equipment such as extractor fans, carbon filters and silencers. They are easy to install to provide a tight and secure mechanical connection for your ducting system. The worm-drive design used in these duct clips enables quick installation and easy adjustment of diameters.

Fast Clamps

Unlike quick release clips used to connect ducting to equipment such as fans, fast clamps can only be used directly to connect two hydroponics equipment elements, such as a carbon filter to a silencer. Direct equipment connections eliminate the need for the lengthy process of using a ducting piece and a duct clip on each side. The fast clamps are quick and easy to use and also form an airtight and secure mechanical connection.

Aluminium Duct Tape 75mm by 50yds

This tape provides the adhesiveness required for metal surfaces and the humid conditions of your grow room. It is of high quality with the ability to connect ducting to other accessories such as fans for long durations. The advantage of this tape is that it brings flexibly and toughness at the same time, plus it helps in preventing air leaks in the duct systems.