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A Fluorescent Lighting system is the starting point for most plants grown indoors and also for those new to the concept of indoor Horticulture. Fluorescent lighting is familiar to most, either utilised in the home or workplace we are all familiar with Fluorescent lighting, providing cheap, even illumination with a pleasing ‘daylight’ type light.

So how does a Fluorescent lighting work? A current flow’s through the electrical circuit to the electrodes of the lamp, voltage passes from one end to another through the inert gas (usually argon) and mercury within the glass tube and is converted to a gas. The Collison of electrons with the mercury gas ‘excite’ the atoms in the tube, as their state normalises light photons are emitted. These light photons are ultraviolet and made into visible light by the phosphor coating inside the Fluorescent tube. The different colours that manufacturers offer is made possible by using different blends of phosphor, these tubes are commonly; 827 – extra warm white, 830 – warm white, 835 – white, 840 – cool white and 865 – daylight All Progrow’s Fluorescent Lamps and Hydroponic lighting fixtures are fitted with T5 Fluorescent lamps (with the exception of Compact Fluorescent lamps), T5’s have superseding T8 and T12 lamps, the number merely relates to the size of the tube which is 5/8th of an inch or16mm for T5’s. Fluorescent lighting provides a good spectrum of available light to your plants again making them ideal for younger stages of growth.

As stated, Fluorescent Lighting is utilised by growers predominantly for propagation and younger plants, however they are also ideal for growing low light level crops such as herbs and salad to maturity. Progrow have sold fluorescent lighting for use growing micro herbs, salads and mushrooms both for commercial businesses and hobbyists alike.  Low heat emitted from the lamp itself and the even distribution of light make Fluorescent lamps perfect for positioning above propagators whether you are starting with seeds or cuttings.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps provide one of the cheapest options for Fluorescent lighting, Compact Fluorescents or CFL’s took the hobby market by storm initially. The benefits of a CFL are firstly they are cheap to buy, they provide a large amount of light from a single light fitting. CFL’s are self- ballasted meaning they will ignite without a separate ballast, simply screw them into a reflector and you are away. CFL’s are available in differing light spectrums, Blue for vegetative growth, red for flowering and now also in dual spectrum. Typical sizes of CFL’s are 125, 200, 250 and 300 watts, a CFL will illuminate slightly more area than the reflector it is placed in. Progrow pair CFL lamps with a suitable reflector for a discounted light kit, great for an introduction to indoor growing.

Lightwave T5, Sol-digital and Maxibright manufacture light fittings that contain multiple T5 tubes. From smaller 2ft, x2 tube fixtures right up to x8 4ft T5 tubes per fixture. These are the most popular fluorescent fixtures we sell. These compact well-made fixtures provide an easy solution for lighting in your propagation or vegetative growing area. They are robust enough to stand the rigours of an indoor grow environment with a high lumen output.

Sunblaster provide quality single fixture T5 lamps and reflector, these are perfect for those wanting to start out growing indoors, coming in 2,3 and 4ft lengths they can be linked together (particularly useful if you have multiple propagation levels or shelves. As with all fluorescent lighting Sunblasters can be used as supplementary lighting in your grow room.