Omega Nano Single Lighting System 24w

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The Omega Nano single Lighting System 24W T5 has low power consumption whilst still giving plants exactly what they need. A high output T5 fluorescent tube is housed in a sturdy black metal case with a perfectly shaped reflector for even light dispersal.

  • 2m Mains lead
  • No ballast needed – plug directly into the mains
  • Low power consumption and cheaper to run than ordinary grow lights

Also ideal for the hobby grower, sit the Omega Single Tube Propagation Light on top of a propagator. It only uses 24 watts of electricity and is ideal for a single propagator. It has it’s own unique built-in reflector and comes supplied with a power lead.

Each tube is surrounded by a separate groove in the reflector, shaped to optimise light crossover without wasting any output.

T5 Propagation Lights are available in various forms and spectrums, double T5 tube fittings, which can be used on their own, or multiple T5 tubes combined in a reflective canopy for greater light coverage.

The Omega Nano Propagation light is specially designed to provide vital light to bring on seedlings and cuttings during the propagation stage. The T5 Propagation Light is easy to set up and install into a grow room as there is no ballast needed – simply plug it into the mains. These T5 Grow Lights use a low wattage (24W per tube) making them cheaper to run than standard HID lighting and they give off less heat, meaning users can sit it close to their propagating plants without worrying about burning or heat stress.

The Omega T5 Propagation light is ideal for use with a propagator or in your current setup for seeds and cuttings to help maximise plant growth without causing stress to the young plants. The T5 propagation grow light gives off a blue light spectrum (6400K) making it ideal for propagation and vegging plants. All the Omega T5 tube lights are housed in a sturdy black metal case with a built in reflector to ensure even light distribution to the cuttings.

Achieve high-rooting success rates as each Propagation Light is cheap to use and cool to run. Remember, they are only 24W. Users can suspend it directly over their Propagator, or even sit it at the top of their propagator lid.

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1 review for Omega Nano Single Lighting System 24w

  1. Creation Rebel

    A perfect tube for any plant in it’s vegetative stage. The bulb can be placed very close to the plants thus making best use of the light. I bought one and immediately bought another and I’ll be able to make use of the built-in daisy-chaining. I recommend this product without reservation.

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