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If you are new to hydroponics and finding choosing a system and equipment difficult then this section whether you choose to purchase a starter kit or not will help you understand what is needed to grow a crop Hydroponically in an indoor grow room or tent. With all our starter kits our priority has been to keep costs to a minimum with the use of good quality hydroponic equipment that should return many years of use. Progrow were one of the first to offer starter kits online, and so have followed our competitors particularly in market places such as Ebay where you will undoubtedly find cheaper starter kits, we would offer a word of caution to customers guided by price alone. To the novice it may appear that equipment is essentially ‘like for likeʼ but in our experience cheap starter kits often contain inferior lighting and third party copies of reputable brands. Inferior lighting is particularly worrisome not only in that it is likely to produce less available light but also has the potential to be dangerous with continued use. Progrow supply the Pro Ballast with all of their starter kits, this ballast is simply one of the most reliable magnetic ballasts we have ever sold. They are made by a world leading manufacturer using high quality components, they are rugged, well vented and covered by a manufacturers 1 year warranty so you can be sure of faultless operation. Progrow supply an Ecotechnics Powerstar contractor and timer with all hydroponic starter kits.

Soil or Coco in Airpots.

Perhaps our simplest kit and in reality a good place for someone new to hydroponics and indoor growing to start. This starter kit will require approx 1m3 of floor space and up to 1.8m in height so is an ideal match to a 1m3 Hydroponic grow tent such as the DarkRoom DR90. The kit is supplied with a fluorescent lamp which can be used with the Euro reflector supplied along with an adapter cable, a fluorescent CFL lamp can be used for the very first stages of propagation along with root riot propagation kit and a small propagator. A complete range of nutrient solutions is supplied with each kit, we use trusted brands such as Bio Bizz nutrients for the All-mix soil kit or CX Hydroponics range with the Coco fibre kits and Hydroponic systems. Four Air-pots with each kit supplied with saucers enable you to hand water your plants an advantage for beginners in that it provide understanding of your plants watering needs throughout the growing cycle. Ventilation and air movement are covered by a powerful Systemair RVK extractor matched to a standard carbon filter supplied with hose clips and 5 meters of ducting as well as a clip on fan to provide air movement. A min/max hygrometer thermometer is also supplied so you are able to monitor your grow environment.

Aeroponic, Autopot, and NFT Starter kits.
Progrows Aeroponic Grow Kits are built around the Amazon aeroponic system that can be supplied in either 8, 16, or 32 plant systems. These systems whilst not true Aeroponics (providing a fine high pressure mist to the root zone) utilise emitter stakes that continually spray the roots in the system. Supplied with the same quality basic equipment as our soil and coco kits these kits are also supplied with Jeff Winterbournes informative book Hydroponics Indoor Horticulture.

Autopots are an excellent place for a novice to start, utilising coco fibre as a grow media they are simple to set up and maintain. Autopots are a gravity feed system that requires no power but instead relies on a clever valve that releases water into the base tray. The clever bit is it will not release more nutrient solution until the plant has used what is in the tray, making it a truly plant driven system. Progrow supply two and four plant Autopot kits again suited to approx 1m3 growing space and supplied with the same lighting and ventilation equipment as mentioned above.

Nutrient Film technique has been many a seasoned growers starting point in indoor growing, they are relatively inexpensive systems, compact, and simple to use and provide excellent results for fast growing plants. Being a recirculating system as the Amazon Aeroponic system there is more day to day maintenance and upkeep involved, for those technically minded this can provide a greater understanding of plants requirements as you progress through its indoor growing cycle. Progrow provide three NFT starter kits built around either Nutricultures GT205, GT424 and GT100 enabling the grower to grow 4,8 or 16 plants respectively. Supplied with quality magnetic ballast, lamp, reflector, power controller, ventilation equipment and accessories you can be sure of a good starting point into the world of hydroponics and its benefits.

Progrow our proud of our customer service and provide expert advice in our stores or over the phone for all those new to the subject of hydroponics, aware from our inception of the need to provide customers with the knowledge to choose the right equipment for them we are more than happy to discuss your requirements and provide cost effective solutions that will return good results.