Aeroponics Starter Kit Amazon 16 Plant

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Amazon Aeroponic Easy Grow Kit 16 Plant.
Aeroponic systems provide lots of oxygen to the roots of the plants making them the fastest type of hydroponic growing system and when correctly maintained they will deliver the highest yields. Depending on the model you choose the Amazon can grow from 8 – 32 plants to suit your preferred growing style. Aeroponic systems require almost no growing medium (a few clay pebbles) making them cheap, clean and convenient to maintain. Because of the speed of growth in this type of system very little vegetative growth is needed which cuts down on crop production times. An excellent choice for more experienced growers or ambitious beginners!

1x Propagation Kit (24x starter cubes, Clonex, nutrient for young plants, scalpel, plant labels and marking pencil, full instructions helping you to master growing seeds and clones)
1x Propagator, 1x 125w CFL propagation light.
Ventilation and Control:
1x 125mm RVK extractor fan, 1x Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter, 5 meters of aluminium ducting, 3x ductingclips, 1x digital hygrometer/thermometer 1x clip on fan, 1x ventilation timer, 1x Standard 3 pin plug & 2 meters of powerwire.
1x 400w lighting system with Euro Reflector and dual spectrum lamp, 1x lighting timer, 1x Powerstar 1K Contactor and suspension chain.
Hydro System:
1 x Amazon 16 Pot System.
Growing Medium:
1x 10ltr Clay Pebbles.
Nutrients and Additives:
1x Ultimate Indoor Grow, 1x Ultimate Indoor Bloom, 1x Regen-A-Root, 1x Wilt Guard, 1x Head Masta, Measuring Jug, FAQ’s and Nutrient Growers Guide.
pH Equipment:
1x pH Test Kit, 1x 250ml pH Down, 3ml Pipette.
1x Indoor Horticulture.

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